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Unlock your home's green energy potential

What we do

Heat pumps, solar, battery & tariffs, made simple

Warmur knows that every home needs a tailored solution to deliver the best combination of green upgrades. We build personalised Green Home Upgrade Plans that maximise your energy and carbon savings.


Warmur is creating a future of efficient, sustainable homes. By combining the benefits of multiple renewable technologies with time of use tariffs, we are helping people visualize their home’s green energy potential, unlocking energy savings and cutting carbon.


How it works

1. Understanding your home

We take a unique whole-home energy approach, analysing local weather patterns, property type and energy use, to work out the optimal configuration of heat pump, solar, battery and electricity tariff for you.

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How it works

2. Simple plans, backed by numbers

We run hundreds of simulations on your home to determine the optimal configuration of renewables. We even help you identify the most appropriate time of use tariff. Our Green Home Upgrade Plan removes the guesswork from researching home energy technologies, maximising your investment.

Reducing your carbon footprint

On average, we can reduce your carbon footprint from energy usage by 36% over 12 months.




A typical UK household can save up to £1,241.00/year and increase heating efficiency by 41%.

How it works

3. Delivering Warmur homes

Energy efficiency and low running costs can only be achieved with careful system design and high-quality installations. We have built an industry-leading network of top-tier installers to deliver your Warmur home.

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Create a Warmur home

Coming soon...

Our free to use calculator software can provide you with an optimized and bespoke whole-home electrification plan. Currently in closed beta, we are launching to the public in April 2024.