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Warmur is creating a world where anyone can transition to a more sustainable home

Figuring out whether you can save by switching to a heat pump, installing solar, or just sticking with your existing boiler is hard. So at Warmur, we've made it really easy.

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Everyone can do something that will help their home be greener and save money. We'll show you how, for free.

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Heating is the biggest household expense and biggest emitter of green house gases. We think you and the planet deserve some savings.

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We've built the UK's largest network of technically-assessed installers, so you can proceed with confidence whatever you decide.

Transforming millions of homes

Warmur's 100% expert, impartial advice empowers you to embrace the clean energy revolution

Whether its' a heat pump that will save you more in the long run, or simply getting more life from your existing gas boiler, we'll help you figure it out.

Let us blow your socks off with our seamless process that makes a greener home a breeze


The Warmur Network of top-tier installers

A heating system is only as good as the installer that fits it. 99% of installers have not been trained to install gas boilers correctly let alone heat pumps.

We think you deserve better which is why the Warmur Network is made up of the top 1% of installers nationally

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The Warmur Team

Meet some of the faces behind the future of home heating and energy


Alex Butcher
Co-founder and CEO


Jo Alsop
Co-founder, home heating champion


Paul Devenney
Co-founder and CTO


Jonny Hassid
Co-founder and CMO


Dr Rhiannon De Wreede
Scientist, Heating Engineer


Caroline Williams
B2B relationship builder


Tom McGuiness
Senior software developer, home renovator


Kimbo Betty
Training Director


Sahan Dharmawardhana
Web development lead


Dawn Cookman
Elite Installer Network lead


Fiona Teasel
Consumer advisor


Anushka Wijegooawardana
Web developer

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At Warmur we offer impartial, expert advice, and not many can say the same. Our expert energy team have been helping 1,000s of households spend their budget wisely for over five years. Our mission is to help everyone save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

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